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How much does it cost to travel to London?

When planning a trip, one of the first things you need to think about is budgeting for your vacation. The cost of a trip to one place in comparison to another can vary greatly. From airfare, to accommodations, to meals, every country and city is a bit different. That’s why we created this budgeting tool so that you can best estimate what your trip to London will cost!

How we made The Travel Budget calculator:

This calculator takes into account 3 metrics:

  1. Housing Accommodations: we averaged Airbnb costs across London, England to develop an average cost per bed, per day. We calculated an average of about $93.25 per bed, per night.
  1. Dining: after going through 170 menu items from over a dozen popular mid-range (££) London restaurants on Yelp, we calculated an average breakfast price of $7.40 and an average lunch/dinner cost of $22.41. For 3 meals a day, this comes out to an estimated average daily dining cost of $52.22.
  1. Transportation: The most popular form of transportation in London is the the metro system, which is locally known as “The Tube”. This calculator calculates transportation costs based on how much a day-long train ticket costs (See here for travel passes). However, there are also cheaper weekly travel passes if you’re there for a more extended length of time.

We then use your plane ticket cost and number of nights spent in London to give you an itemized list of your cost breakdown, as well as an estimate for how much you need to save each month to afford your trip.

*All costs have been translated into USD for simplicity.

How much should you Budget for your Trip to London, England?

Estimate your travel budget:

Enter your flight cost, the number of nights you want to spend in London, and the number of months until your trip to help you plan your budget!

London Trip Budget Calculator

London, England – Travel Budget Calculator

Is London Expensive to Visit?

According to CNBC London, England is the 6th most expensive cities to visit in the world. London also ranks #1 as the most expensive city in the United Kingdom according to data site Numbeo.

However, London was only ranked 28th highest cost of living worldwide in 2022— according to a study done by Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Index. This means that London is more affordable to visit than one would think!

The takeaway? Live like a local to save money on your London vacation!

traveling to London on a Budget (Tips to Save on Travel)

  1. Stay in Hostels. The easies way to save money when traveling to London is to stay in hostels. Hostelworld is a great resource that helps travelers find affordable accommodations across the world, while also providing the opportunity to connect with other travelers.
  2. Take our advice by taking the trains. The metros in London are the cheapest way to get from one place to another (other than walking). Though they may be less convenient than a taxi or rideshare service, at the end of your trip your wallets will be thanking us!
  3. Grocery shop for some of your meals. Check out our guide that explains the in’s and out’s of grocery shopping in Europe.
  4. Reduce your travel costs with a travel rewards credit card. These cards give you discounts on travel as you spend!
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